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Is a frame with pattern right for your home decor? That is the question.  Actually, it’s one of our MOST frequently asked questions-especially from our wholesale photographers out there.  Photography is, hands down, an art.  Sometimes, framing art is challenging.  You don’t want to distract from the beauty.  You want to enhance it.

Can we talk about some famous art for a second?  Meet Mona Lisa.

Lets chat about her frame quickly. It is all gold. And INCREDIBLY intricate with multiple designs, patterns and color variations. But in no way is the pattern distracting from arguably one of the most recognizable pieces of art. This frame enhances it. It brings your eye to the image. It complements the paintings strengths and makes a painting, a work of art.

Now, are we creating frames that will hang in the Louvre?  *Probably* not.  But we are creating pieces that will hang in your homes for years to come.

We are creating frames that will hold images of your families as the grow and change. We’re creating frames that your kids will talk about years from now….”remember, it was the picture in the navy frame with the pattern and gold trim.” We’re creating pieces that transform your images into art for your walls.

So how do you decide if a patterned frame is right for you?

Lets check out a couple examples of pattern and how it takes on some bold personality on our clients walls!

1.This beautiful metallic neutral set is set off by the 11×14 patterned central frame.  There are some “solids” in there with out Delta Girl Gray Wash but almost every piece in this gallery wall is patterned!

2. Rich raw wood takes on a bold pattern and we love how striking it is against the rest of the neutral set in this gallery wall.  These images are brought to life with the bold colors in this set and mix of patterns.

3. Our clients are sometimes worried about “matching” colors of a session to their frames. If you’ll notice in this set of images, there isn’t a teal color in any of those pictures!  The mom and baby are actually wearing a beautiful light blue.  The bright outdoor colors and greens pop against the beautiful teal!

We love a good solid washed frame.  They are beautiful accents to a gallery collection! They are an easy starter piece for the gift givers out there because they can go back to almost any pattern, but the bread and butter of Delta Girl is, and always will be, our unique hand made patterned pieces!


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