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Let's Hang

Let’s HANG!

Delta Girl’s Gallery Wall How To

  1. The Goods:

Here are our favorite things! Before you pick up a hammer, the tricks of the trade are just a click away. Gather your goods so we can display! If we’ve designed a custom gallery wall for you (we do that too!) pull out your design plan and let’s hang! 

Picture hanging tool: https://www.target.com/p/under-the-roof-decorating-hang-38-level-the-picture-hanging-tool/-/A-13763970#lnk=sametab 

Fave nails: https://www.target.com/p/under-the-roof-decorating-nails-small-head-project-pack/-/A-14766902 

 For heavier items: https://www.target.com/p/under-the-roof-decorating-screws-nickel-project-pack/-/A-14767734 

  1. The Look:

Lay out ALL of your frames on the floor near your space and ensure you’ve got the LOOK that you want - both in arrangement of frames and space between the frames (generally speaking we recommend 2-3”). It’s so much easier to move things around and mix and match while on the floor rather than adding more holes to your walls. 

Got the layout set? It never hurts to double check - so be sure to measure the total arrangement of what’s on the floor and ensure it will fit nicely in your open space.

*Finally* be sure to snap a photo of your frames all laid out so you can reference it while hanging.  

Pro tip: Can’t decide on an arrangement? Love symmetrical? Keep your eye on balance. Flank a center frame with a frame on each side for good balance and symmetry. A little more rock n’ roll? Create a more casual and collected look by starting at the center and building out. Odd number of frames best and feel free to mix in with other items beyond just frames. (See our new marketplace!). Hanging above a couch or dinning console? Generally speaking (based on preference) we recommend you start your gallery between 6-12” above.  

  1. Let’s Hang:  

Start by hanging the bottom row + center frame (this ensures your visually on center). 

For a staircase: Start by hanging the lowest center frame. This ensures you capture the center area correctly and build your gallery wall starting from the most focal point. 

Pro tip: When hanging your frame on the hanging tool (see our website in step one) - be sure you sit the hanging tool in the middle of the sawtooth hanger so that the frame is sitting center on the tool when you hold it up to assess placement. 

Ensure that with each frame you add - you maintain the same spacing between frames so that the wall looks cohesive and clean lines are created by the space between the frames. From here hang all the remaining bottom row frames building out from the center frame.

 From here start hanging UP and OUT based on the layout you created in step one. Most importantly be sure to maintain the same distance between frames and reference your initial layout in step 2. 

Pro Tip: Frames in a space they can move or easily get bumped? Add clear bumpers to the bottom corners of your frames to reduce movement. See link in step 1.  

  1. The WOW!

Step back Delta Girl because you did it! Admire that new space and *OH* snap a pic        and share with us @deltagirlframes. 

Thank you for shopping (and hanging) with us! 

Got questions? You can email us at: hello@deltagirlframes.com 

Need some Inspo before you get started? Check out our look book: https://www.deltagirlframes.com/pages/look-book