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A Moment for Rose Gold

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We’re all kinds of rose gold obsessed around here. Make sure to check out the Modern Vibe Collection and the Graphic Rose Collection to see how it looks with our frames.

We’ve been crushing on it for a while now but until recently, it was hard to find all of the things in our favorite shade.

Modern Vibe Collection

Graphic Rose Collection

Until now.

It has hit every single design house and continues to make an impact in all things fashion, home interior design and accessories. And it’s not slowing down anytime soon! Here’s a round up of some of our FAVORITE rose gold must haves!

1. Penny Talk-Essie: This beautiful metallic rose gold/copper nail polish is beautiful and easy to apply!  Spice up a weekday slump with some fun polish!

2. Gilded Rim Glasses-Anthropology: Just when we couldn’t be more obsessed with Anthro, they go and make these wine glasses.  The subtle tint finished with a gilded gold rim.  

3. We all know Ombre and Biolage hair is in-Take it a rose gold dream step forward

4. This trend has even made it to the spray paint market! How cool is this?!

5. The wedding industry is the next big market this color is making its appearance.  The palette is warm with a sophisticated flair.

6. Shoe love. Buy them. How chic and affordable!

7. Apple knew it was going to be big. Their last iPhone brought this color to the forefront with the Rose Gold iPhone. Now they have taken it to their MacBook and Apple Watches!

8. Accessories are huge and abundant.  And we’re buying all of them!

9. Remember that time you needed Rose Gold Sparkle sneakers?  You’re welcome.

10. Just because?

11. Tieks. Yes, they are that good.

From our heart to yours…have fun incorporating rose gold into your life and home!

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