SPOILER ALERT: Some of our all time customer faves – deltagirlframes

SPOILER ALERT: Some of our all time customer faves

In 10+ years we've done some AMAZING projects. TRULY. 

And as we sit back and *pinch* ourselves getting to bring to life so many amazing pieces for some unbelievable customers... we thought it'd be fun to share some pics of a few of our all-time favorites. *Not to mention, we love sneak peeks into others home #amiright... so let's dig into them, shall we?

So first out the gate.. THIS set was one of our faves because it was *SUCH* a fun challenge. Does that really surprise you tho? I LOVE a good design challenge. This custom collection was a work horse.. bringing together classic black and white, pops of burgundy, a hint of gold, and some rustic wood tones. It was a tall order making all of those colors together - but the end result is an absolutely STUNNING space that really brought together so many of the beautiful colors and tones throughout her entry way and living room. 

Next up was something *COMPLETELY* different... a sweet client of ours came to us having purchased many frames for other areas of her home, but wanted a little Delta Girl pattern and goodness in her kitchen where there was no wall space. End result? We made custom *removable* wood panels for the back of her glass cupboards that had beautiful pattern and color and added wow and pattern to her beautiful kitchen. Absolutely loved the challenge of this project and the stunning outcome!

Next up - how could I not mention this amazing set that we made for our sweet client Julie. While we've created many frames for Julie - in both her previous home as well as her new home - each space is so different and has such different charm. LOVE the beach calm look of this staircase grouping. Even more? Loving how the frames and photos work so well together... how quickly our babies grow *tear* and how much I love looking back at photos of them when they were smaller. 

This one definitely ranks high on my favorites list... This unbelievable staircase gallery wall we did for our sweet friend Lindsay was a WOW for sure. The challenge? She had CURVED walls... and so our challenge was ensuring we used smaller frames through the curves so that they wouldn't hang awkwardly off the wall... but we used continuous patterns across multiple frames so that the collection was unified and not too cluttered looking. The crisp neutrals with the pops of gold and gunmetal were so stunning - and paired with this staircase - an all time favorite for sure. 

Next up - a set I made for a sweet friend of mine. She had this blank wall above the couch in her formal living room that was bare and felt like a total enigma. She has amazing style... and had just bought this unbelievable macrame piece but wanted our help with a set to showcase her sweet boys and give the room some style and direction keeping with her macrame piece. We wanted to honor her mid-century modern style but give some mom and pop to really help the room have a design direction.. the end result? Absolutely stunning... 

Last, but definitely not least is the simple neutral wash frames we made for Brooke Christen over at Nesting with Grace. Brooke was beyond sweet.. and while our neutral wash frames are even more stunning in person... this set was one of my faves as I watched how it transitioned through the years as her girls get bigger. Different prints, photos, and art pieces..hanging vertically or horizontally... loved seeing how she used it in different spaces and different ways. So truly versatile. 

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Photos @nestingwithgrace 


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