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The respect our Active Duty Navy family has for those serving our country is immeasurable. In honor of all those who return home and those that don’t, we like to take time to celebrate the selflessness of each and every one of them. This Memorial Day weekend is no exception.

To help you think about taking some time out to remember those lost but not forgotten while celebrating the life they fought to protect, we’ve gathered up our favorite Americana ideas. So get ready to deck the town red, white, and blue.


Patriotic Tissue Paper Tassel Garland by Landeelu

1- It’s no secret I love a good tassel garland. So a red, white, and blue version? Score. Check out this DIY patriotic version from Landeelu.


Patriotic Rice Krispie Treats by Love, Life, and Sugar

2- Have you ever met anyone that didn’t like a Rice Krispie treat? Didn’t think so. But a RKT (yes, we’re going to make it happen like fetch did) on a stick and dipped in chocolate? My kids are OBSESSED. Thank you, Love, Life, and Sugar.

3- It may not be a frame, but we had to sneak in some form of painting. And this one the kids can get involved in. Grab some construction marking spray paint and STAR up your lawn care of The Concrete Cottage.

Red, White, and Blue Wine Sparklers by Fox and Briar

4- While the kids paint your lawn, take a deep breath and sip on something delicious. These Red, White, and Blue Wine Sparklers from Fox and Briar should do the trick. Don’t mind us if we sit poolside and enjoy a drink…or three.

Oven-Fried Chicken by The Barefoot Contessa

4- If there is ONE chef I am completely enamored with, it would hands down be Ina Garten. The Barefoot Contessa is my spirit chef. Ha. So one of Ina’s recipes had to make the list. And there is no Southern girl that doesn’t love some good fried chicken.

How to Properly Display the American Flag from Southern Living

5- Lastly, there is nothing better than displaying your American pride by hanging your Flag on your home. Want to do it right? Southern Living is here for you.


7-Piece Annapolis Collection by Delta Girl Frames

BONUS: If you’re looking to add some red, white, and blue decor to your home, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. Our Annapolis Collection fits the bill and honors the city that holds a special place in my Navy heart. ❤️

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