How To Get Your Photos Off Your Camera And On Your Walls

How To Get Your Photos Off Your Camera And On Your Walls | Delta Girl Frames

One of our MOST asked photography questions goes something like this:

“I have to order prints. Help!”

Its such a simple concept but leaves so many people absolutely stuck and overwhelmed when it’s time to get their photos off their camera. We’ve enlisted the help of one of our partnering professional photographers (Jen Daniels) to take some of the guess work out of it for you. Here are the tips from the pro!

1. Go beyond digital.

Go ahead and wrap your brain around the concept that the digital images your photographer sends you are NOT a final product.

Lets all say that out loud friends.  Digital. Images. Are. Not. The. Final. Product. Get your images off your computers, phones and get them on your WALLS! They are only images you enjoy when they sit on your hard drives.

Let everyone enjoy them. Share the love! Print pictures, make albums, invest in that canvas….you won’t be sorry!

2. If its going on your wall, print it through your professional photographers lab.

Pro lab prints are not available to you unless you are professional photographer but you will NOT be sorry at the investment. Not all printers are created equal. Theres a time and place for quick and easy prints (I’m looking at you Walmart, Target and services such as Snapfish, Shutterfly and Free Prints.)

But if its going on your walls, it needs to be pro quality. First, the color calibration is more accurate at the labs. Need some proof? Check out the color tones that are cast on cheap printers:

How To Get Your Photos Off Your Camera And On Your Walls | Delta Girl Frames

Secondly, the pro labs use archival paper. This means it will stand up to light, both sun and artificial, finger prints, dust, and just daily life. Colors won’t fade. Kids touching prints won’t ruin them.

You don’t even need glass in your frames. The images are actually more stunning without them. This always throws our clients at first but theres a reason you don’t see glass in frames at museums, fine art galleries or any photo exhibition. Prints look better without the glare of glass over them.

Pro lab quality prints afford you the opportunity to have this quality of print. There are also a ton of finishes available with pro labs should you choose to get a little more artsy. We’ll get into some of those in another blog post, but just know that pro labs are absolutely worth the extra few dollars for their prints!

 3. Order your frames first.

The easiest way to order prints is to order your frames first! Order your frames, lay out the gallery the way it looks and fits best on your wall then go back to your gallery      and find your favorite images based on what you’re working with. This takes the guess work out of “I don’t know what size to get.” Yes, you do! You need a vertical 8×10. Go forth and order one!

4. Our favorite labs.

What are our favorite labs? For pro labs, its hands down Miller’s. Their quality, finishes and production time can’t be touched. You’ll need to ask your photographer if he/she prints through them.

There are other amazing labs out there so if they don’t print with Miller’s be rest assured the prints will still be very high quality. Miller’s is just our personal favorite!  Other amazing NON-pro labs include Mpix and if you’re looking to do some super fun stuff with your prints, head over to Persnickety Prints!

If you don’t have a go-to photographer check out our list of partnering photographers – we work with some of the best that specialize in headshots, family photos, maternity and baby, weddings, and all the in-between moments. Got questions? Email us info(at)deltagirlframes(dot)com and we’re happy to help!

Bottom line-You don’t need to print ALL of your photos, but you DO need to print SOME of them.

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To Pattern or Not To Pattern….

How To Decide If A Frame With Pattern Is Right For Your Home Decor

Is a frame with pattern right for your home decor? That is the question.  Actually, it’s one of our MOST frequently asked questions-especially from our wholesale photographers out there.  Photography is, hands down, an art.  Sometimes, framing art is challenging.  You don’t want to distract from the beauty.  You want to enhance it.

Can we talk about some famous art for a second?  Meet Mona Lisa.


Lets chat about her frame quickly. It is all gold. And INCREDIBLY intricate with multiple designs, patterns and color variations. But in no way is the pattern distracting from arguably one of the most recognizable pieces of art. This frame enhances it. It brings your eye to the image. It complements the paintings strengths and makes a painting, a work of art.

Now, are we creating frames that will hang in the Louvre?  *Probably* not.  But we are creating pieces that will hang in your homes for years to come.

We are creating frames that will hold images of your families as the grow and change. We’re creating frames that your kids will talk about years from now….”remember, it was the picture in the navy frame with the pattern and gold trim.” We’re creating pieces that transform your images into art for your walls.

So how do you decide if a patterned frame is right for you?

Lets check out a couple examples of pattern and how it takes on some bold personality on our clients walls!

1.This beautiful metallic neutral set is set off by the 11×14 patterned central frame.  There are some “solids” in there with out Delta Girl Gray Wash but almost every piece in this gallery wall is patterned!

How To Decide If A Frame With Pattern Is Right For Your Home Decor

2. Rich raw wood takes on a bold pattern and we love how striking it is against the rest of the neutral set in this gallery wall.  These images are brought to life with the bold colors in this set and mix of patterns.

How To Decide If A Frame With Pattern Is Right For Your Home Decor

3. Our clients are sometimes worried about “matching” colors of a session to their frames. If you’ll notice in this set of images, there isn’t a teal color in any of those pictures!  The mom and baby are actually wearing a beautiful light blue.  The bright outdoor colors and greens pop against the beautiful teal!

How To Decide If A Frame With Pattern Is Right For Your Home Decor

We love a good solid washed frame.  They are beautiful accents to a gallery collection! They are an easy starter piece for the gift givers out there because they can go back to almost any pattern, but the bread and butter of Delta Girl is, and always will be, our unique hand made patterned pieces!

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the low-down on our NEW site

Oh friends.  This new website.  We’re still all swooning and learning and creating and making final adjustments to it around here.  We have a couple of small items still in the works but we wanted to make sure you all knew about ALL of the amazing details and extras currently available!

  1. Oh, hey drop down menu!  We are all so busy, we wanted to make sure not to have to add yet, another email into you life.  In the past, if you loved the frame you saw pictured, but wanted a different size, you had to email us, we had to email you back and then you could purchase.  Lets make like simple ok?  Now pick your size from the drop down menu and we’ll take care of it for you!  You’ll see in each description what size the frame is shown in. drop-down
  2. New wishlist feature!  We constantly were having requests for this feature and we’re so excited to be able to have it in the new site!  See that little “add to wishlist” icon in the above picture-select your size, then push Add to Wishlist!  You can create custom wish lists for different events (hint hint:: wedding presents, baby gifts, house warming, husband needs to win your heart back…you all get the idea), share the list, store the list, and EVEN be notified if one of your desired beauties goes on sale!  You’ll have to have an account created with us in order to use this feature but who doesn’t love a good home decor gift registry??  screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-1-40-19-pm
  3. Along the same lines with the drop down menu, we wanted to simplify the gift card options.  You can now select a gift card amount and either choose to have a printed gift card sent to your gift recipient or a digital email sent directly to them for instant gift giving!  If you don’t see the amount you wish to put on a gift card for your special person, let us know and we’ll get it taken care of for you!  Go a head.  Be the coolest gift giver around! You can even add gift cards to your wishlist if you’ve got your eye on a larger gallery wall or several sets!  screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-2-17-23-pm
  4. Our new inspiration gallery takes the beautiful tiled picture look from sites like Pinterest, and allows you to quickly see and compare other gallery walls that some of our clients have put together.  Its an amazing way to see how pattern and color compliment each other in a real world home!  Click each picture to make it bigger to get some real in depth views of these amazing galleries!  If you’re a past DGF client and want your gallery featured on the inspiration page, just email us a high resolution image and we’ll happily feature your beautiful home!  screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-2-06-36-pm
  5. And last, but [definitely] not least… our custom consultations are the bread and butter of our design business.  We love them-so much so that we decided to dedicate an entire page just to them!  If you are loving our frames, but don’t see a gallery that completely fits your needs, aren’t sure if it will fit in your space, need to work around minor distractions that may be in your rooms, want to create something totally custom or just don’t know where to start, custom consultation is for you!  Again, we’ve tried to simplify the process-you can now purchase the consultation, schedule your consultation with Alexis, and even complete our design consultation worksheet all from this page!  This page lays out the step by step process of creating a custom wall that can match your precise esthetic, budget and vision!  screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-2-15-42-pmSo much more in the works.. but wanted to give you guys the low down on some of our favorite new features! So, whatcha think?! Anything other features you’d love to see from us??
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