Frame Talk: What Does “Overall Size” Mean?

Frame Talk: What Does "Overall Size" Mean? | Delta Girl Frames

You love our frames? Check.

You know just the spot (or a billion spots) for our pieces? Check.

And you’ve got something cute to put into the frames? Check.

But now you’re trying to figure out what the HECK are we talking about when we list the size and ‘overall size’ of our frames.

Oh friends, let me help break it down one glorious nerdy detail at a time.

Delta Girl Frames are made of either 4″ or 6″ solid high quality pine. Our beautiful wood we have milled just for us – no Home Depot trips here – just smooth, perfect(ish), quality grade Pine.

Our frames are made from two different widths of wood. This means that while we make a frame based on the inner dimensions (translation: I want a 5×7 frame), the OVERALL size of the frame itself will be 12×14″ for a 4″ frame, or 16×18″ for our wider 6″ frames.

Same framable inner size (5×7), but two different overall options based on the width of frame you select – either our 4″ or our 6.”

So naturally, the next question then is, “how do I decide?”

Easy. Just answer two quick questions:

1. What does your space allow for?

Can you go bigger, or are you trying to fit a narrower space?

2. What pattern or overall look are you in love with?

Love a big bold pattern or that chunky big frame with a big pop of color? Then you’ll want the larger 6″ frame. Easiest way to understand it is to remember the the smaller the width of frame (4″), the less of the overall pattern/color you’ll see.

Granted a 4″ frame looks great in most of our patterns – but there are a few (Sevilla, honeycomb, wide stripes, henna, and mod floral just to name a few), that look best in our larger 6″ width.

Either way? We’re here to help! You can always send us a question via email at: Or DM us over on Instagram: @deltagirlframes.

Want to check out our size chart for yourself so you can plan out your next treat? Check out the full details HERE. 

No matter what size, what shape, or what question – we’re here and would love to make something beautiful for you!

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How To Get Your Photos Off Your Camera And On Your Walls

How To Get Your Photos Off Your Camera And On Your Walls | Delta Girl Frames

One of our MOST asked photography questions goes something like this:

“I have to order prints. Help!”

Its such a simple concept but leaves so many people absolutely stuck and overwhelmed when it’s time to get their photos off their camera. We’ve enlisted the help of one of our partnering professional photographers (Jen Daniels) to take some of the guess work out of it for you. Here are the tips from the pro!

1. Go beyond digital.

Go ahead and wrap your brain around the concept that the digital images your photographer sends you are NOT a final product.

Lets all say that out loud friends.  Digital. Images. Are. Not. The. Final. Product. Get your images off your computers, phones and get them on your WALLS! They are only images you enjoy when they sit on your hard drives.

Let everyone enjoy them. Share the love! Print pictures, make albums, invest in that canvas….you won’t be sorry!

2. If its going on your wall, print it through your professional photographers lab.

Pro lab prints are not available to you unless you are professional photographer but you will NOT be sorry at the investment. Not all printers are created equal. Theres a time and place for quick and easy prints (I’m looking at you Walmart, Target and services such as Snapfish, Shutterfly and Free Prints.)

But if its going on your walls, it needs to be pro quality. First, the color calibration is more accurate at the labs. Need some proof? Check out the color tones that are cast on cheap printers:

How To Get Your Photos Off Your Camera And On Your Walls | Delta Girl Frames

Secondly, the pro labs use archival paper. This means it will stand up to light, both sun and artificial, finger prints, dust, and just daily life. Colors won’t fade. Kids touching prints won’t ruin them.

You don’t even need glass in your frames. The images are actually more stunning without them. This always throws our clients at first but theres a reason you don’t see glass in frames at museums, fine art galleries or any photo exhibition. Prints look better without the glare of glass over them.

Pro lab quality prints afford you the opportunity to have this quality of print. There are also a ton of finishes available with pro labs should you choose to get a little more artsy. We’ll get into some of those in another blog post, but just know that pro labs are absolutely worth the extra few dollars for their prints!

 3. Order your frames first.

The easiest way to order prints is to order your frames first! Order your frames, lay out the gallery the way it looks and fits best on your wall then go back to your gallery      and find your favorite images based on what you’re working with. This takes the guess work out of “I don’t know what size to get.” Yes, you do! You need a vertical 8×10. Go forth and order one!

4. Our favorite labs.

What are our favorite labs? For pro labs, its hands down Miller’s. Their quality, finishes and production time can’t be touched. You’ll need to ask your photographer if he/she prints through them.

There are other amazing labs out there so if they don’t print with Miller’s be rest assured the prints will still be very high quality. Miller’s is just our personal favorite!  Other amazing NON-pro labs include Mpix and if you’re looking to do some super fun stuff with your prints, head over to Persnickety Prints!

If you don’t have a go-to photographer check out our list of partnering photographers – we work with some of the best that specialize in headshots, family photos, maternity and baby, weddings, and all the in-between moments. Got questions? Email us info(at)deltagirlframes(dot)com and we’re happy to help!

Bottom line-You don’t need to print ALL of your photos, but you DO need to print SOME of them.

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8 New Frame Patterns At Delta Girl Frames

8 New Frame Patterns At Delta Girl Frames

There are 8 new patterns available in our shop!

Meet Cement Tile, Checkmate, Constellation, Diamond Dot, Graph, Mod Floral, Tin Punch, and Tuxedo Tile.

Frame Patterns

Cement Tile





Diamond Dot




Mod Floral


Tin Punch


Tuxedo Tile



Have fun designing your own frame in our create your own section, or book a design consult and let us do the work making something for that empty wall that’s ready to be filled.

Remember: Delta Girl Frames are hand-made from high quality pine and hand-painted using Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint. No two frames are exactly alike. Expect unique sanding, glazing and distressing touches.

You can see our design inspiration below.

8 New Frame Patterns At Delta Girl Frames


Which new pattern is calling your name?

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The Anatomy Of Our Frames

The Anatomy Of Our Frames: What You Need To Know When Placing An Order

We talk about our frames all the time, all day long and we still have to double check ourselves from time to time.  So we know you might get confused from time to time when placing orders.  We strive to make ordering simple for you all and create great combos that you can order as is-but should your creative juices feel a need, a need for speed, then we want you get exactly what you want!

Lets discuss the anatomy of our frames! When you place an order, you’ll be asked about the size, base color, pattern, pattern color, trim, trim color, and orientation.  Let’s go through what this means.

Size: Pretty self explanatory. What size is the photo you are framing?  8×10, 11×14, 5×5? And then you need to pick either our 4″ or 6″ width.  Confused about the width? Check out this post.

Base Color: The color you want “under” the pattern.  Hint: It’s the color that goes on first.

Pattern and Pattern Color: Select the pattern you want on your frame and then what color you want it in.

Trim and Trim Color: The trim is a separate wood piece that we glue, nail, and add to the base frame itself. It’s what actually houses the photo, laying on top of the finished frame.  We worked super hard this last year to get custom trim styles created just for our DGF clients – so that we KNOW we’re adding pieces that are not only beautifully made but will add that extra added touch you won’t see elsewhere.

Orientation: Landscape or Portrait.  Horizontal or Vertical.  Let us know so we can make sure that the pattern is oriented correctly, and that back saw tooth hanger is installed in the right direction way:) Ordering a square print, just select whichever your hearts desire….its all the same!!

Lets hit up some examples for a second:  

The amazingly popular neutral pinstripe!

The Anatomy Of Our Frames: What You Need To Know When Placing An Order

And then Innocence pinstripe, Gray and Gold Ikat and Rose Gold Honeycomb!

The Anatomy Of Our Frames: What You Need To Know When Placing An Order

Now, dear friends, go forth and CREATE ALL OF THE THINGS.

We dare ya.

And if you still aren’t sure – not to worry, we still love ya anyway. Feel free to email us at:

Happy creating.

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frame-a-palooza: 4″ vs 6″-Whats better for me?

How To Choose Your Frame's Wood Width

Delta Girl Frames offers two wood widths. Frames are categorized by 2 measurements. First, the inner opening of the frame-or the picture size, such as 8×10, 11×14, 5×7, etc. The second measurement we use is 4″ or 6″ wood width and this is where many people can’t visualize the difference. Have no fear, Delta Girl is here to save the day!!

We wanted you all to see the difference, hung on a wall side by side. This is our beautiful white wash with a Colonial trim in Tradewinds. Both frames have an inner opening of 8×10 but the one on the left is made with our 6″ wood width and the one on the right with our 4″ wood width.

How To Choose Your Frame's Wood Width

Can we take a second to chat about the washed frames first?  They are beautiful and each are completely unique. (hence the hand painted) This is a perfect example of how two different white wash frames each take on super unique detail and look slightly different. Equally as beautiful as well as individually unique. Perfection-we love a good wash (the wash can be done in any color as well!  Just ask us and we’ll get you a custom listing set up!)

Right off the bat, you can see the difference in wood width size even though they are framing the exact same size picture (image courtesy of Jenn Hopkins Photography.)

How To Choose Your Frame's Wood Width

Both make a different statement and there’s a time and place for both of them!

     How To Choose Your Frame's Wood Width                 How To Choose Your Frame's Wood Width

Why should I pick a 6″ frame?

-If you love a good statement piece, doesn’t matter if its a solid, wash, wood, or pattern, go with 6″ every time.

-If you have a bigger space that you are trying to fill.  I mean, bigger is always better right?

-If you have a single smaller wall and just have space for one frame.  Go for the drama of a larger piece!

-If you’re going to select these larger scale patterns (Ikat, Arrow, Crosshatch, Henna and Sevilla, Damask and Honeycomb), we STRONGLY suggest they be done in 6″. (They can be done in 4″ but the pattern will be cut off significantly and you will not get the repeating pattern on the frame. If you would like to see what Honeycomb looks like in 4″, check out this set.)

Why should I pick a 4″ frame?

-If you have a smaller space you’re trying to fill

-You want see less of a pattern or colored solid, wash or wood

-You’re wanting to mix in some classic solids, wash, or wood frames into an existing gallery wall

-You just like the look better!


Examples of 4″ and 6″ mixed together

Check out our Gilded Molly Collection

Enjoy our beautiful Fresh Water Collection

Serenity Collection, for the win  

Austin Collection is such a beautful neutral set

And finally, Piper collection, because, Cork Board.  Obviously. 

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Custom Consultation: the Nitty Gritty on Our Process

How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames

Custom consultations have always been, and will continue to be, the bread and butter of our business. We love making amazing pieces for our customers, but when we get to stop, slow down, have a nice chat about your custom consultation vision, your home and what you’re looking for – that’s what we REALLY love.

We’re constantly soaking in inspiration and design we see around town, in store fronts and from our some of our favorite design gurus. So when we get to bring together some of our favorite combos with a vision for your specific space – it’s a match made in frame heaven. Can we just say that you all have some seriously amazing style?

We want to do a quick walk through of our custom consultation process for you all today to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

One of our most frequent emails goes something like this…”Hey Delta Girls!  We love all of your work.  We have a big space in our living room/staircase/bedroom/dinning room, etc that we wanted something for. We haven’t found anything on the site that matches what we’re looking for exactly. HELP!”

This is where our Custom Consultation page comes in! Remember when we talked about streamlining our processes to make this easier for you all and more simplified. Less back and forth. More time for your day, more time for us to work? Yep, we got you again.

How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames

When you click our new handy dandy custom consultation tab, this is what you’ll see! Three steps-it’s super easy!

Step 1: Purchase the custom consultation. Add it to your cart, check out. Easy!

Step 2: Come back and SCHEDULE your design consultation with Alexis! She is a busy momma so get on her books ASAP! You will receive a conformation email from us once this is completed with your time and date conformation.

Step 3: Complete your design worksheet while you’re thinking about it! This gives Alexis an idea of what you’re looking for before your chat. It gives her creative brain time to work through some ideas before you all talk.

Ok, so you’ve purchased the consult, scheduled your design session and filled out your worksheet. Now what? After you chat with Alexis, you will receive a to scale proof of your space and the gallery design in that space. The proof will include frame sizes (ex: 4″ 5×7, 6″ 8×10, etc), frame pattern, frame/pattern color, trim type and color. Once the proof is finalized approved, you will receive a link to a custom listing for you to purchase! Check out the latest design we just created for a client!

How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames

And here’s some images as it’s being laid out.

How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames

This beauty just shipped out this week and we can’t WAIT to see it hung in our clients home! Custom consultation questions? Email us and we’ll get you an answer!

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