Nov 16 2018

Designing a Man Space Your Husband Will Love (Oh, and You, Too)

You have the kitchen, the family room, likely the living room, and the dining room. Heck- you probably even chose all the decor in your bedroom. One room that has a unique male presence in most decor? The Den, or study- whatever you call it in your home, can be a refuge for the man in your life. But how do you prevent it from quickly turning into a football-drenched, beer signage-hanging ‘man cave?’ Helping to create a space that is cozy and masculine while curating pieces that last a lifetime.

Delta Girl Frames Styling Guide: Finally, a Man Space You’ll Love, Too!

We’ve put together a few key pieces, with some of our newest Delta Girl Frames, that we think both you and your significant other will love. A room you’d be proud of showing off, instead of closing the door to guests when they come over. Ha.

  • The Leather Furniture: This can be classic or modern, completely up to your overall decor style. If you’re more classically inclined, we suggest a Chesterfield or English Roll Arm style. For the more modern home, keep the lines clean and the furniture low.


  • The Book Collection: Whether it’s a set you purchase online, novels you’ve collected over the years, or old books you’ve picked up at antique stores, this sets the tone for the rest of the room.


  • A Bold Rug: You have so many options with this one. A faux animal hide helps hone in on a hunting esthetic. A Persian or Oriental rug gives your room a world traveler look. Or a geometric rug can take your room in the modern direction. Of course, there’s always the clean option of a natural fiber rug.


  • The Wood Pieces: While you may not have wood paneled walls like old English estates, you can still create that look by incorporating wood furniture. Look for side tables that are transitional and a desk fit for a king.


  • A few Outdoor Elements: Keep it simple with these, as they are meant to be accents in your room. A few plants, some antique sports memorabilia, landscape artwork. You get where we’re going with this.





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Oct 26 2018

How to Successfully Mix Picture Frames in A Gallery Wall

We love our frames. The ones we own. The ones we make for our customers. The ones we gift to family and friends. It’s no secret our frames are something special.

But what if I were to tell you that- gasp- we own frames from other stores and makers. The horror! Ha. You may wonder, ponder, and ask why when we have access to some of the most gorgeous frames. The truth is that we didn’t always have walls filled with Delta Girl. We had walls filled with frames from Pottery Barn, Home Goods, and small businesses like ours. And while you may think it easy to take said frames and replace with our Delta Girl gorgeousness, it isn’t. Time gets in the way. Priorities take precedent. And, to be honest, some of them we still just love. They hold a special place in our heart and we aren’t ready to let them go.

So what to do when you’ve got a hodge podge of frames? Mix ’em up. We’ve come to love an eclectic and organic mixture of things we love in our home. And I know we aren’t alone. Some of our amazing customers have done the same. Therefore, I give you our favorites hybrids.

Mix Frames with Delta Girl Or What We Call ‘The Remix’

1- Here’s an example in our own home. Because if we can do it, you can too. You’ll see to the left all of my gorgeous photos from a trip to Greece in crisp white Pottery Barn frames. In an office space, though, you need to have some functionality. Just make sure it looks good- like our cork board insert in any of our frames. Hello, lovely.

2- A dear friend of ours created this adorable foyer moment featuring one of our frames, a tabletop frame from an unnamed source, and her 3 sons pairs on Hunter Boots. My inner prep just screams with joy at this photo. Fancy antler frame for the win. Additionally, who doesn’t love a chippy piece of gorgeous furniture?

3- How about the mix our Delta Girl Frames with not just off-the-rack frames but also custom artwork? It all works seamlessly here at our customers home. In fact, it’s all complimentary with a different sizes, shapes, and prints included. Wherever you can incorporate not just a mixture of frames, but also canvas options- do it.

4- Even though none of our frames are in the Rifle Paper Co. headquarters in Orlando – YET- a girl can dream they’d fit perfectly with this wall we oogled over during a recent visit. Doesn’t it appear as if these frames were collected over time? That’s the best result from decorating by mixing- imperfect perfection that conveys intention without being stuffy.

Frames unknown BUT awesome; ? by @deltagirlframes

Bringing it all together…literally.

While we love our purely DGF gallery walls, there is something to be said about mixing it up. Variety can boost creativity. It can give a sense of your stories. It can bring life to your memories. Bringing an organic feel into your home and decor takes time. In essence, you need to have patience as your style forms over time. So even though you may crave all of the same, sometimes different is better. In life and in frames.

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Sep 25 2018

Fall styling for your frames

Pumpkin spice lattes. Comfy sweaters. Cozy fireside nights. While we’re dreaming of all things fall, the workshop is currently surrounded by palm trees, pool days, and 100 degree weather. Whats a girl got to do to get a bit of the seasons in the sunshine state?!

Like many of you, I LIVE for decorating my house for the holidays. And I mean, ANY holiday.

Halloween- on point with the spookiness. Thanksgiving- pilgrims are basically living at my house. Christmas- pretty much a set from a Hallmark movie. But our recent transition to Florida has given me a bit of pause and got me thinking how to get inspired and motivated to bring the fall season to our new home. Obviously, a fall candle isn’t cutting it and my gorgeous fall wreaths are clearly not adequate either.

So from one designer’s house to yours, here are a few tips and tricks to get that FALL feeling without having to redecorate your house from scratch…

Delta Girl Frames Fall Styling Suggestions

1- Choose a few strategic frames and switch out the pictures with something more in line with the season. For fall, scan your Halloween pictures from years past or choose a photo that has nature as a backdrop. Because nothing screams autumn like outdoor photo shoots.

Fall Small Gallery Frame Set

Clockwise: 8×10 Dover White Wash, 5×7 Westchester Gray Wash, 5×7 Caviar Wash; Picture by @lorinordstrom

2- Style vignettes with your frames. We recently got tiny gourds and pumpkins, a preserved leaf wreath, and a cinnamon broomstick all from our local Trader Joes. Throw in your favorite Delta Girl Frame and you have the chicest entryway one could ask for. Some of our current faves are any of our Delta Girl washes – a lil more rustic and distressed than a solid color frame, our washes add a great color pop but with sub personality. They SCREAM fall – in the most casual way possible.

8×10 4 inch Agreeable Grey Wash with Dover White Large Dot Trim. ? by Rae Barnes Photo

3- If you have a gallery wall, switch out a few of the frames themselves with tones that evoke the season. We absolutely love a moody navy or gray to help elevate our frame-game to fall. Or choose a cheery red or bright green to bring some December delight. Besides that, a flash of gold or rose gold never hurts.

4- Incorporate seasonal pieces from other makers that highlight the time of year. Autumn evokes thoughts of abundance, harvest, change, and earthiness. Therefore no need to change out frames or photos, but add items to accentuate your current season.

Wall Art

Clockwise from top right: @olivewooddesigns, @qbhome, @qbhome

If you’re like our household and have a fall candle lit from September 1st-November 25th, you can without a doubt celebrate the season no matter what the weather outside is. So don’t mind me as I drink my caramel macchiato and bake an apple pie while my kids are playing in the pool. Because a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to get her FALL on. Happy Fall Y’all!

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5 Ways To Make A Big Impact With One Frame

One frame can do way more for a room than you imagine. Let’s look at five ways one frame makes a big impact.


5 Ways To Make A Big Impact With One Frame | Delta Girl Frames

Don’t be afraid to make one big bold statement. 

Why sell yourself short with small photos? The bigger, the better – am.i.right? Gallery walls are great for staircases or long hallways, but don’t be afraid to make a big bold beautiful statement with a single large frame.

This one is especially near and dear to our heart – our exclusive Delta Girl gray wash – our special blend, each completely unique, that has that uber chic look of distressed barn wood, meets gray neutral dream.

Want to go even more bold? Add some pop with a colorful trim! 


5 Ways To Make A Big Impact With One Frame | Delta Girl Frames

K.I.S.S. – keep it simple silly.

Listen, I’m a more-is-more kinda girl. But sometimes one beautifully created piece paired tastefully with the right accessories is just absolute perfection. We LOVE this boneweave beauty from our Gilded Molly collection paired with some of our favorite target finds for a budget friendly options that reads high-glamor – and Big impact, one frame. Done. 


5 Ways To Make A Big Impact With One Frame | Delta Girl Frames

Layer on the accessories.

Who said frames HAVE to be hung?! Layer a beautiful frame with other beautiful accessories – a window, a vintage flag, antlers, a boxwood wreath, you name it – it’ll go. Either way – you can get BIG impact by mixing a single beautiful frame with other accessories and vintage finds. 

5 Ways To Make A Big Impact With One Frame | Delta Girl Frames

5 Ways To Make A Big Impact With One Frame | Delta Girl Frames



5 Ways To Make A Big Impact With One Frame | Delta Girl Frames

Try a Chalkboard! 

Who said it HAS to be a photo? Let your inner Pinterest goddess go wild and chalk your favorite verse, summer bucket list, or holiday cheer with by inserting a chalkboard into ANY of our Delta Girl frames. Chalk not your thing? Why not use the chalkboard as a backdrop? Showcase that amazing kid art, Christmas cards, or loose photos you collect along the way.  

5 Ways To Make A Big Impact With One Frame | Delta Girl Frames



5 Ways To Make A Big Impact With One Frame | Delta Girl Frames

Photo credit: Rae Barnes Photography

See double. 

If one frame physically isn’t enough for your space… not to worry, snag yourself a twin. That’s right – don’t be afraid to use multiples of the same frame used together to give one cohesive look, and yet still give yourself enough real estate for those sweet grandchildren, fur babies, or must-display photos. 


How will you use a frame to make an impact in your home?

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Life Hack: How to Decorate (your walls) for the Holidays!

How To Create A Gallery Wall For The Holidays

We get how hard it is to design for your house. And, we ALSO understand that just as you get it oh so perfect, something else comes along that you love as much, if not more, than what you’ve just hung on the wall. Or maybe you’re a super holiday decorator and love to change out your decor based on the seasons. Whatever the case, we are problem solvers around here and we have the answers for you.

We have three interchangeable gallery wall sets for you.  You won’t even have to change out nails in your walls. They are the same sets- totally different patterns and colors but you have nothing extra to do! February through October, rock one set.  November through January, be super on point and change out your gallery wall to match the season. You may not have presents wrapped and your holiday cards are probably still sitting on your desk, but it doesn’t matter because your walls (and home) are looking absolutely fantastic.

Set One is consistently one of our most popular gallery wall sets we have ever done. Classic, geometric, and full of neutral tones with a hint of metallic zazzle. It goes in any house and can be kept together as shown or broken up into a couple of mini sets in your home. It’s our 6 piece Hopkins set.How To Create A Gallery Wall For The Holidays

Set Two was one of our first larger sets and again, with the neutrals, it’s an instant classic. This 6 piece mixed grays set has some of our more traditional patterns in it and we love its simplicity!  How To Create A Gallery Wall For The Holidays

Set Three is our bold, beautiful 6 piece Noel Collection. Same sizes, same easy layout, total pops of color along with golds, whites and silvers to complement all of your holiday decor.  How To Create A Gallery Wall For The Holidays

It doesn’t matter where you start and where you end. These three interchangeable gallery wall sets are all show stoppers and will be sure to amp up the vibe of your existing decor!

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Presenting Cork Boards From Delta Girl Frames

Presenting Cork Boards From Delta Girl Frames

Parents rejoice, summer is over (or nearly over) and its time to send all of those precious littles back to school. Drop them off and run, walk them in and cry, put them on the bus and have a mimosa. You do you-and lets all go a head and pretend like we’re going to stay organized this year! I know, I know, you super seasoned parents are probably laughing at me now….we have littles just entering ‘real’ school and we like to pretend like we can keep up with the beautiful mess that comes home to us. Just indulge our little fantasy today, ok?

We wanted to high five this school year and start you off right. We also know that you’re busy, bento-boxing, home-working, job-ing, sending money in for school lunch, adulating and just generally trying to manage the world, so we wanted to make this easy for you.

Cork boards are always an option with our frames, but we wanted you all to see these beauties in action. Welcome our 4 beautiful 16×20 cork boards. Is it a frame? Is it a cork board? Is it a chalk board? Well, dear friends, it is all of those things….and can change to any of those things at any point to fit the situation.

Whether you want a space to hang your child’s latest piece of art or the test they aced at school, cork boards are where it’s at.

Presenting Cork Boards From Delta Girl Frames

Pick from the 4 following colors in order as shown above:

Each frame comes with a cork board but because of the versatility of our frames, you can easily change it out and replace it with a photo. Our frames are handmade from high quality pine and hand-painted using Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint. No two exactly alike: expect unique sanding, glazing and distressing touches.

Happy school year! We can’t wait to see these in your homes and see how you’re using them.

Presenting Cork Boards From Delta Girl Frames

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Staircase really.

Staircase Gallery Wall

Lets just take a second to appreciate this sticker that I saw the other day at Target shall we.  I mean, can I get an AMEN?!?!?!

I won’t bore you with the story about how I *literally* cried the day I left my cool car and got our minivan.  And while it’s for real the most practical car ever invented for this period of life and I’m sure I’ll miss it one day, today is not that day.  And by not that day I mean basically I hate driving it every second.

Want to hear what my hysterical sobs sounded like on that day? Ok, good.  Something like this…..”BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT (sob, sob, sob,) even when I don’t have the kids with me (sobbbbinngggg), people will STILL KNOW I HAVE KIDS AND ITS NOT APPROPRIATE (now I am sobbing and yelling) FOR ME TO BE BLARING RAP MUSIC, SINGING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN TRYING TO STILL BE COOL.

Now, while I WISH this was a made up story, it is not.  I blame pregnancy hormones-at the time I was 3 days away from having our third.

Moral of the story: my faith in my coolness was resolved thanks to this simple minivan window sticker. Rock on with your bad self minivan driving moms.  I know you’re still cool.

Promptly, I went home and decided that I was going to tackle the staircase gallery wall with my new cool frame set.  Its my house-its my staircase-I can be cool.

This is no joke what I was telling myself as I drug out the hammer, nails and frames. Turned on some Beyonce (on my headphones because I don’t need my 4 year old realizing how cool Queen B or their mom is just yet….) and got to work.  And then I fell in love with the result

You know how we LOVE some functional design.  We love the messy, ever changing approach to parenting.  We love inspiration of other makers.  And above all we love our families.

Lets chat about some of the stuff that makes up this staircase gallery wall. Classic black, gray, whites and silvers make up the colors of the gallery wall.

We also needed a way to make sure our littles felt included.  Adding a 16×20 cork board into the design isn’t something you typically see on a staircase gallery, but we couldn’t be happier with that choice.  Our littles LOVE it. They love that their artwork is displayed.  They love seeing it as they go up and down the stairs.  They love pointing it out to EVERYONE that walks into our house.

It also adds an unexpected pop of color into the wall and is easy to change out when new works of art come home!

Staircase Gallery Wall


Staircase Gallery Wall


Staircase Gallery Wall


Staircase Gallery Wall


Staircase Gallery Wall


Staircase Gallery Wall

Staircase Gallery Wall


Staircase Gallery Wall

Another show stopper was our adding our amazing 16×20 letter board from LetterFolk.  

We had such an awesome response from the set in this staircase gallery wall on Instagram, we decided to list it for you all as well!  You can grab the 13 piece set here!

Sing on you bad ass-minivan driving-momma (and dads and anything you drive still makes you cool in our books….)

We hear your song.

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Not April Fools! Frame of the Month is BACK!

Hello Loves!  Well, well, well.  Frame of the month was such a success for all of us last year, we’ve decided to bring it back.  We meant to launch it on April 1st, but Saturday vibes got a hold of us.  Forgive us ok?

Drum roll please!  Our first 2017 FRAME OF THE MONTH is white on white!  This frame combo is an instant classic.  She goes into any existing collection, serves as a beautiful stand alone, makes a great first Delta Girl frame and is just all around perfect.  This week…through Friday, April 14th, our ever popular white on white frames are 25% off in any size you wish!  (click that link!!)  Use code “aprilFOM” at check out and the discount will apply automatically!

Trim will be dealers choice (That’s Alexis).  If you have a strong preference for your trim, please note it in the comments section at checkout!

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Meet Sevilla

Frame Spotlight: Sevilla

We love getting to debut new patterns and this one is kind of dreamy, Delta Friends. Meet Sevilla. She’s got a bit of Spanish influence. She’s fierce and fancy and we kind of love that about her. This frame shown below is a beautiful 6″ wood width 5×7 frame with our gold trim. All of the details can be found here!

Frame Spotlight: Sevilla

(Thanks to Lori Nordstrum Photo for the image showcase!)

Our frames are finished with different trims and we decided it was time to showcase some of them and show you all just how perfectly each goes with a frame.  This bold patterned frame can handle so many different trims and colors.

First, a no trim frame just so you can see the pattern in all of its beauty!

Frame Spotlight: Sevilla

Ok, now lets see what happens when we pop a little tiny dot trim on her in a coordinating color.

Beautiful, basic and easy. It showcases this pattern in all its glory.

    Frame Spotlight: Sevilla

But, what happens if we like the bigger trims?? Here’s the same frame with a coordinating black trim in our larger crown trim.  The Sevilla takes on a whole new look with the addition of the thicker frame. A show stopper for sure!

Frame Spotlight: Sevilla

Since color is kind of our middle name, we wanted to show you this pattern with a colored trim.  So many people are worried about making the trim a color and “taking away” from the frame pattern.  Not possibly, my friends, just not possible.  This is our large dot trim in green… but oh how this could easily be a happy pink, bold yellow, or sassy blue. Any pop of color for the win!

Frame Spotlight: Sevilla

And last, we wanted to show you the Sevilla frame finished with a traditional gold trim but in one of our thicker trim styles.  This lotus trim was just recently added to our line up and to say we’re obsessed with it is a mild understatement.  Floral on floral, yes please.

Frame Spotlight: Sevilla

Don’t be afraid of the trim!  Don’t be afraid of color!  Find your personal style and go with it.  It will look absolutely amazing any way you finish it!  If you decide you want to grab this gem, but prefer a different trim style or color other than whats listed just let us know at checkout and we’ll get it changed over for you!

Happy trimming! We can’t wait to see what you all put together!

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2017 Wall Goals

We’ve been working on this new gem for a long time now and we’re so excited to get to launch it on Cyber Monday!!  Welcome our limited edition Delta Girl & Kern + Flourish 2017 Wall Calendar!  calendarseptemberflatlay

We’re constantly on the look out for those awesome gifts under $100 (heyyyyy sister in laws…….here’s your go to idea!!)  We decided to keep it simple and clean and offer the Delta Girl frame in three colors that will work with ANYONE’S decor.  You choose from a black, white or gold frame and thats it.  The frame is an 8×10, 2″ DGF classic (overall size is11x13″).  That’s literally all you have to pick out!  The entire 2017 calendar that was custom designed as an exclusive item for DGF from the talented Kern & Flourish!


AND, my friends, as a little added bonus, the first few orders will receive this custom gold foiled print to display in their frame once 2017 is done-although its so darn cute that we’re pulling it out of our calendar stack early and putting her in a separate frame in our office right now.  Because, sometimes during the craziness of this season, we need a reminder that its a GOOD day to have a GOOD DAY!


And because we love our clients ohhhh so much, we’ve decided to make this a steal for you all.  The 8×10, 2″ frame normally retails at $85 plus shipping.  We went all in on this creation and decided this was our BIG thank you for the year.  For $98, you get the frame in your choice of 3 colors, the entire 2017 calendar, the gold foil print (while supplies last!!), ANDDDD shipping is included.  Yes, thats right.  Shipping is included. Done & done.

We love the versatility of this frame, this calendar and this concept.  Enjoy DGF the whole year.   In any room in your house.  We wanted to create a piece that lives in your space-still authentic to us and our brand-but for any and every space in your house.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Thank you for making 2016 such a  special year for our company.  We’re growing and can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!!!


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