Frame Talk: What Does “Overall Size” Mean?

Frame Talk: What Does "Overall Size" Mean? | Delta Girl Frames

You love our frames? Check.

You know just the spot (or a billion spots) for our pieces? Check.

And you’ve got something cute to put into the frames? Check.

But now you’re trying to figure out what the HECK are we talking about when we list the size and ‘overall size’ of our frames.

Oh friends, let me help break it down one glorious nerdy detail at a time.

Delta Girl Frames are made of either 4″ or 6″ solid high quality pine. Our beautiful wood we have milled just for us – no Home Depot trips here – just smooth, perfect(ish), quality grade Pine.

Our frames are made from two different widths of wood. This means that while we make a frame based on the inner dimensions (translation: I want a 5×7 frame), the OVERALL size of the frame itself will be 12×14″ for a 4″ frame, or 16×18″ for our wider 6″ frames.

Same framable inner size (5×7), but two different overall options based on the width of frame you select – either our 4″ or our 6.”

So naturally, the next question then is, “how do I decide?”

Easy. Just answer two quick questions:

1. What does your space allow for?

Can you go bigger, or are you trying to fit a narrower space?

2. What pattern or overall look are you in love with?

Love a big bold pattern or that chunky big frame with a big pop of color? Then you’ll want the larger 6″ frame. Easiest way to understand it is to remember the the smaller the width of frame (4″), the less of the overall pattern/color you’ll see.

Granted a 4″ frame looks great in most of our patterns – but there are a few (Sevilla, honeycomb, wide stripes, henna, and mod floral just to name a few), that look best in our larger 6″ width.

Either way? We’re here to help! You can always send us a question via email at: Or DM us over on Instagram: @deltagirlframes.

Want to check out our size chart for yourself so you can plan out your next treat? Check out the full details HERE. 

No matter what size, what shape, or what question – we’re here and would love to make something beautiful for you!

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frame-a-palooza: 4″ vs 6″-Whats better for me?

How To Choose Your Frame's Wood Width

Delta Girl Frames offers two wood widths. Frames are categorized by 2 measurements. First, the inner opening of the frame-or the picture size, such as 8×10, 11×14, 5×7, etc. The second measurement we use is 4″ or 6″ wood width and this is where many people can’t visualize the difference. Have no fear, Delta Girl is here to save the day!!

We wanted you all to see the difference, hung on a wall side by side. This is our beautiful white wash with a Colonial trim in Tradewinds. Both frames have an inner opening of 8×10 but the one on the left is made with our 6″ wood width and the one on the right with our 4″ wood width.

How To Choose Your Frame's Wood Width

Can we take a second to chat about the washed frames first?  They are beautiful and each are completely unique. (hence the hand painted) This is a perfect example of how two different white wash frames each take on super unique detail and look slightly different. Equally as beautiful as well as individually unique. Perfection-we love a good wash (the wash can be done in any color as well!  Just ask us and we’ll get you a custom listing set up!)

Right off the bat, you can see the difference in wood width size even though they are framing the exact same size picture (image courtesy of Jenn Hopkins Photography.)

How To Choose Your Frame's Wood Width

Both make a different statement and there’s a time and place for both of them!

     How To Choose Your Frame's Wood Width                 How To Choose Your Frame's Wood Width

Why should I pick a 6″ frame?

-If you love a good statement piece, doesn’t matter if its a solid, wash, wood, or pattern, go with 6″ every time.

-If you have a bigger space that you are trying to fill.  I mean, bigger is always better right?

-If you have a single smaller wall and just have space for one frame.  Go for the drama of a larger piece!

-If you’re going to select these larger scale patterns (Ikat, Arrow, Crosshatch, Henna and Sevilla, Damask and Honeycomb), we STRONGLY suggest they be done in 6″. (They can be done in 4″ but the pattern will be cut off significantly and you will not get the repeating pattern on the frame. If you would like to see what Honeycomb looks like in 4″, check out this set.)

Why should I pick a 4″ frame?

-If you have a smaller space you’re trying to fill

-You want see less of a pattern or colored solid, wash or wood

-You’re wanting to mix in some classic solids, wash, or wood frames into an existing gallery wall

-You just like the look better!


Examples of 4″ and 6″ mixed together

Check out our Gilded Molly Collection

Enjoy our beautiful Fresh Water Collection

Serenity Collection, for the win  

Austin Collection is such a beautful neutral set

And finally, Piper collection, because, Cork Board.  Obviously. 

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