{Hey Husbands} the cure for gift panic

Dear Husbands (or boyfriends, moms, sister in laws, mother in laws, and dear sweet friends… ),

We’ve saved you from the online santa panic. Search no further — Delta Girl has got you covered.  And we’ve worked hard to make it super easy for you.  Our gift cards make the perfect grab and go gift for anyone in your life (moms, teachers, sister in laws, and friends).  Its perfect for that person who you know loves DGF but you don’t know exactly which frame to add to their gallery wall.  The new bride who’s just starting her wall collection and needs to display her new wedding photos.  The momma who’s expecting her first baby.  Your beautiful wife who just made you an amazing dinner after working all day.  You get the hint;)  Basically, everyone in your life.

Choose our physical gift card option at checkout by MONDAY DECEMBER 19th and you can receive an already wrapped gift card and have it under your tree in time for Christmas.  It will arrive just as you see below.

If you’re seeing this after the 19th and still need to grab some gift items, you can choose to print out the gift card and wrap it yourself or have it directly emailed to your lovely.  So many quick options-such perfect timing!!

Happy shopping!!

The Delta Girls! <3


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2017 Wall Goals

We’ve been working on this new gem for a long time now and we’re so excited to get to launch it on Cyber Monday!!  Welcome our limited edition Delta Girl & Kern + Flourish 2017 Wall Calendar!  calendarseptemberflatlay

We’re constantly on the look out for those awesome gifts under $100 (heyyyyy sister in laws…….here’s your go to idea!!)  We decided to keep it simple and clean and offer the Delta Girl frame in three colors that will work with ANYONE’S decor.  You choose from a black, white or gold frame and thats it.  The frame is an 8×10, 2″ DGF classic (overall size is11x13″).  That’s literally all you have to pick out!  The entire 2017 calendar that was custom designed as an exclusive item for DGF from the talented Kern & Flourish!


AND, my friends, as a little added bonus, the first few orders will receive this custom gold foiled print to display in their frame once 2017 is done-although its so darn cute that we’re pulling it out of our calendar stack early and putting her in a separate frame in our office right now.  Because, sometimes during the craziness of this season, we need a reminder that its a GOOD day to have a GOOD DAY!


And because we love our clients ohhhh so much, we’ve decided to make this a steal for you all.  The 8×10, 2″ frame normally retails at $85 plus shipping.  We went all in on this creation and decided this was our BIG thank you for the year.  For $98, you get the frame in your choice of 3 colors, the entire 2017 calendar, the gold foil print (while supplies last!!), ANDDDD shipping is included.  Yes, thats right.  Shipping is included. Done & done.

We love the versatility of this frame, this calendar and this concept.  Enjoy DGF the whole year.   In any room in your house.  We wanted to create a piece that lives in your space-still authentic to us and our brand-but for any and every space in your house.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Thank you for making 2016 such a  special year for our company.  We’re growing and can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!!!


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seriously though… give me more

4 Ways To Use Your Frames For More Than Photos

Around Delta Girl Frames, we love taking art, reinventing style and being purposeful with our designs. We’re HUGE fans of the mix and match style. Getting creative is what makes us tick. Giving our frames more than one purpose and allowing them to serve your homes and your lives to meet YOUR needs is our love. While we’re talking, have you checked out our Instagram hashtag #shareyourdeltagirl just yet? Show everyone the creative ways that you make Delta Girl work in your homes to suit your style and the way you live!

We wanted to share a couple of super cute ways to use your frames as things other than picture frames!


There are SO many, we mean so so sooo many amazing prints out there.  It doesn’t matter if its a one word mantra or a paragraph that speaks to you.  Graphic design or a symbol.  Frame it.  Let its beauty stand out among your frames.  Mix and match them with framed pictures of your people and watch your gallery wall grow!

4 Ways To Use Your Frames For More Than Photos


2.  Elegant Cork Board

Transform any Delta Girl frame into a daily reminder board with cork board. A spot in your office to store your inspirations. You’ll have a spot for all of your kids rotating artwork. Endless options!

4 Ways To Use Your Frames For More Than Photos


3.  Chalkboard

Create permeant shop displays.  Advertise specials. Talk about milestones. Write some love notes. Simply insert chalk board into the frame and now there’s a beautiful way to display your creative outlet.

4 Ways To Use Your Frames For More Than Photos


4.  Canvas

We have a slight love affair with canvas. It’s amazing as a stand alone piece but it’s a show stopper when its framed. This beautiful 16×24 canvas was framed using canvas clips that we mounted before it went out to our client. Love the look? Just let us know that you’ve got your eye on it and we can get it done for you.

4 Ways To Use Your Frames For More Than Photos

Show us the creative way YOU use your Delta Girl! Is it mixed into your gallery wall layout or a unique stand alone? Make sure to give it a little hashtag love using #shareyourdeltagirl so we can check it out too!

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A Few Of Our Favorite Things (Winter Edition)!

Its Christmas time, Its Christmas time (ish)!!!

We love the Christmas time.  The whole holiday season.  All of it.  Theres something so magical about this time of year —  especially having littles running around, the joy of the season seems to be magnified even more.  We love some good “friend finds.”  We are constantly calling our crew of besties to help us find what amazing new products are out there, what toys their kids are loving, what brilliant parenting tips are floating around, what in the world are you buying for gifts and more importantly… where the best wine is located.

We decided to compile some of our must haves for this season.  We hope you draw some serious inspiration from them and share the love!  If you have a brilliant gift, cool new brand, or know the line on some amazing wine, let us know in the comments!  We’d love to feature some fan favorites and share the mom knowledge!!!!

For the Little People in our world:

  1. We seriously can’t get enough Freshly picked mocs. If you’ve got a little – these cuties are a no brainer. But we warn you – once you start, you can’t stop. They’re all pretty amazing – and the little tiny toe marks that will last years after they’ve outgrown them are a treasure too. Are we the only ones obsessed with baby feet?
  2. Speaking of Freshly picked – we learned about our next fave through their new market place – Koko’s nest blankets- Egyptian cotton knit blanket done in beautiful neutrals and stripes
  3. We have three sets of these awesome watercolors in our house.  They are amazing!!
  4. We’re going to list this one under for the little people.  But lets be honest, adult coloring rules.


For the Big People in our world:

  1. Making a good family dinner doesn’t have to be fancy – or complex. I’ve been obsessed with Jenny Rosentrach since reading her first book (Dinner a love story) – and can’t get enough of her stories and yummy (totally do-able) recipes. Here new book is awesome – and on our must buy list: See here.
  2. For those momma’s like us with a head full of beautiful ideas but no clue how to get all of that organized into actionable steps for the future – Do yourself a favor and grab Lara Casey’s new PowerSheets. They sell out quickly – but they’re our go to tool and a even more fun this year!
  3. We love a little Details 2 Enjoy action. All of their work is pretty amazing, but these awesome pumpkins transfer from Halloween to Fall and Thanksgiving in the blink of an eye.  Again, we’re all for decorations that we can keep up for weeks!!
  4. And because I just need all the rifle paper – this one hopped in my cart before I could even really hesitate.
  5. Lemon and Oak.  Just yes.  Don’t question it, just buy it.
  6. While your candle shopping, check out these gems too.  We’re totally into making everyday items just a touch prettier.
  7. Gold foil it and, we’re done.  Add wine to it and we’re DOUBLE done!
  8. And no wish list is complete without a sassy t-shirt. My girl over at Vine & Branches never disappoints. I choose happy.
  9. And, I’m just going to leave this right here incase the man in my world needs some direction……aim high my friends. Aim high.


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Custom Consultation: the Nitty Gritty on Our Process

How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames

Custom consultations have always been, and will continue to be, the bread and butter of our business. We love making amazing pieces for our customers, but when we get to stop, slow down, have a nice chat about your custom consultation vision, your home and what you’re looking for – that’s what we REALLY love.

We’re constantly soaking in inspiration and design we see around town, in store fronts and from our some of our favorite design gurus. So when we get to bring together some of our favorite combos with a vision for your specific space – it’s a match made in frame heaven. Can we just say that you all have some seriously amazing style?

We want to do a quick walk through of our custom consultation process for you all today to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

One of our most frequent emails goes something like this…”Hey Delta Girls!  We love all of your work.  We have a big space in our living room/staircase/bedroom/dinning room, etc that we wanted something for. We haven’t found anything on the site that matches what we’re looking for exactly. HELP!”

This is where our Custom Consultation page comes in! Remember when we talked about streamlining our processes to make this easier for you all and more simplified. Less back and forth. More time for your day, more time for us to work? Yep, we got you again.

How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames

When you click our new handy dandy custom consultation tab, this is what you’ll see! Three steps-it’s super easy!

Step 1: Purchase the custom consultation. Add it to your cart, check out. Easy!

Step 2: Come back and SCHEDULE your design consultation with Alexis! She is a busy momma so get on her books ASAP! You will receive a conformation email from us once this is completed with your time and date conformation.

Step 3: Complete your design worksheet while you’re thinking about it! This gives Alexis an idea of what you’re looking for before your chat. It gives her creative brain time to work through some ideas before you all talk.

Ok, so you’ve purchased the consult, scheduled your design session and filled out your worksheet. Now what? After you chat with Alexis, you will receive a to scale proof of your space and the gallery design in that space. The proof will include frame sizes (ex: 4″ 5×7, 6″ 8×10, etc), frame pattern, frame/pattern color, trim type and color. Once the proof is finalized approved, you will receive a link to a custom listing for you to purchase! Check out the latest design we just created for a client!

How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames

And here’s some images as it’s being laid out.

How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames How To Request A Custom Consultation From Delta Girl Frames

This beauty just shipped out this week and we can’t WAIT to see it hung in our clients home! Custom consultation questions? Email us and we’ll get you an answer!

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To Pattern or Not To Pattern….

How To Decide If A Frame With Pattern Is Right For Your Home Decor

Is a frame with pattern right for your home decor? That is the question.  Actually, it’s one of our MOST frequently asked questions-especially from our wholesale photographers out there.  Photography is, hands down, an art.  Sometimes, framing art is challenging.  You don’t want to distract from the beauty.  You want to enhance it.

Can we talk about some famous art for a second?  Meet Mona Lisa.


Lets chat about her frame quickly. It is all gold. And INCREDIBLY intricate with multiple designs, patterns and color variations. But in no way is the pattern distracting from arguably one of the most recognizable pieces of art. This frame enhances it. It brings your eye to the image. It complements the paintings strengths and makes a painting, a work of art.

Now, are we creating frames that will hang in the Louvre?  *Probably* not.  But we are creating pieces that will hang in your homes for years to come.

We are creating frames that will hold images of your families as the grow and change. We’re creating frames that your kids will talk about years from now….”remember, it was the picture in the navy frame with the pattern and gold trim.” We’re creating pieces that transform your images into art for your walls.

So how do you decide if a patterned frame is right for you?

Lets check out a couple examples of pattern and how it takes on some bold personality on our clients walls!

1.This beautiful metallic neutral set is set off by the 11×14 patterned central frame.  There are some “solids” in there with out Delta Girl Gray Wash but almost every piece in this gallery wall is patterned!

How To Decide If A Frame With Pattern Is Right For Your Home Decor

2. Rich raw wood takes on a bold pattern and we love how striking it is against the rest of the neutral set in this gallery wall.  These images are brought to life with the bold colors in this set and mix of patterns.

How To Decide If A Frame With Pattern Is Right For Your Home Decor

3. Our clients are sometimes worried about “matching” colors of a session to their frames. If you’ll notice in this set of images, there isn’t a teal color in any of those pictures!  The mom and baby are actually wearing a beautiful light blue.  The bright outdoor colors and greens pop against the beautiful teal!

How To Decide If A Frame With Pattern Is Right For Your Home Decor

We love a good solid washed frame.  They are beautiful accents to a gallery collection! They are an easy starter piece for the gift givers out there because they can go back to almost any pattern, but the bread and butter of Delta Girl is, and always will be, our unique hand made patterned pieces!

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A Moment For Rose Gold

Frame Spotlight: Rose Gold

We’re all kinds of rose gold obsessed around here. Make sure to check out the Modern Vibe Collection and the Graphic Rose Collection to see how it looks with our frames.

We’ve been crushing on it for a while now but until recently, it was hard to find all of the things in our favorite shade.

Frame Spotlight: Rose Gold

Modern Vibe Collection

Frame Spotlight: Rose Gold

Graphic Rose Collection

Until now.

It has hit every single design house and continues to make an impact in all things fashion, home interior design and accessories. And it’s not slowing down anytime soon! Here’s a round up of some of our FAVORITE rose gold must haves!

1. Penny Talk-EssieThis beautiful metallic rose gold/copper nail polish is beautiful and easy to apply!  Spice up a weekday slump with some fun polish!

2. Gilded Rim Glasses-AnthropologyJust when we couldn’t be more obsessed with Anthro, they go and make these wine glasses.  The subtle tint finished with a gilded gold rim.  

3. We all know Ombre and Biolage hair is in-Take it a rose gold dream step forward

4. This trend has even made it to the spray paint market! How cool is this?!

5. The wedding industry is the next big market this color is making its appearance.  The palette is warm with a sophisticated flair.

6. Shoe love. Buy them. How chic and affordable!

7. Apple knew it was going to be big. Their last iPhone brought this color to the forefront with the Rose Gold iPhone. Now they have taken it to their MacBook and Apple Watches!

8. Accessories are huge and abundant.  And we’re buying all of them!

9. Remember that time you needed Rose Gold Sparkle sneakers?  You’re welcome.

10. Just because?

11. Tieks. Yes, they are that good.

From our heart to yours…have fun incorporating rose gold into your life and home!

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the low-down on our NEW site

Oh friends.  This new website.  We’re still all swooning and learning and creating and making final adjustments to it around here.  We have a couple of small items still in the works but we wanted to make sure you all knew about ALL of the amazing details and extras currently available!

  1. Oh, hey drop down menu!  We are all so busy, we wanted to make sure not to have to add yet, another email into you life.  In the past, if you loved the frame you saw pictured, but wanted a different size, you had to email us, we had to email you back and then you could purchase.  Lets make like simple ok?  Now pick your size from the drop down menu and we’ll take care of it for you!  You’ll see in each description what size the frame is shown in. drop-down
  2. New wishlist feature!  We constantly were having requests for this feature and we’re so excited to be able to have it in the new site!  See that little “add to wishlist” icon in the above picture-select your size, then push Add to Wishlist!  You can create custom wish lists for different events (hint hint:: wedding presents, baby gifts, house warming, husband needs to win your heart back…you all get the idea), share the list, store the list, and EVEN be notified if one of your desired beauties goes on sale!  You’ll have to have an account created with us in order to use this feature but who doesn’t love a good home decor gift registry??  screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-1-40-19-pm
  3. Along the same lines with the drop down menu, we wanted to simplify the gift card options.  You can now select a gift card amount and either choose to have a printed gift card sent to your gift recipient or a digital email sent directly to them for instant gift giving!  If you don’t see the amount you wish to put on a gift card for your special person, let us know and we’ll get it taken care of for you!  Go a head.  Be the coolest gift giver around! You can even add gift cards to your wishlist if you’ve got your eye on a larger gallery wall or several sets!  screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-2-17-23-pm
  4. Our new inspiration gallery takes the beautiful tiled picture look from sites like Pinterest, and allows you to quickly see and compare other gallery walls that some of our clients have put together.  Its an amazing way to see how pattern and color compliment each other in a real world home!  Click each picture to make it bigger to get some real in depth views of these amazing galleries!  If you’re a past DGF client and want your gallery featured on the inspiration page, just email us a high resolution image and we’ll happily feature your beautiful home!  screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-2-06-36-pm
  5. And last, but [definitely] not least… our custom consultations are the bread and butter of our design business.  We love them-so much so that we decided to dedicate an entire page just to them!  If you are loving our frames, but don’t see a gallery that completely fits your needs, aren’t sure if it will fit in your space, need to work around minor distractions that may be in your rooms, want to create something totally custom or just don’t know where to start, custom consultation is for you!  Again, we’ve tried to simplify the process-you can now purchase the consultation, schedule your consultation with Alexis, and even complete our design consultation worksheet all from this page!  This page lays out the step by step process of creating a custom wall that can match your precise esthetic, budget and vision!  screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-2-15-42-pmSo much more in the works.. but wanted to give you guys the low down on some of our favorite new features! So, whatcha think?! Anything other features you’d love to see from us??
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Sep 05 2016


Friends! I am SO excited to FINALLY share with you the fruits of our labor… we’ve been working for MONTHS to revamp our website! New frames, new sizes, more information, more inspiration, and more options for you!! Trying to decide which Delta Girl Frames you’d like to add to your wish list for Santa? Create an account, build your wish list and send it to your special someone – hint hint:: hubby. Or want to gift your bestie with a gift you KNOW she’d love – you can now order both printed and digital Delta Girl gift cards! Never panic that you waited until the last minute – you can literally purchase and gift immediately! Even better? We’ve got more to come! An updated customize section is coming to the shop soon. There you’ll be able to have fun creating your own combinations mixing and matching colors, patterns, and combinations to create exactly the piece you’ve been envisioning.

We SO appreciate YOU – our dear sweet customers. We hope the new site helps shopping and selecting your next gallery wall a breeze. We love y’all and can’t wait to create something new for you soon!


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