Celebrate your Girls on Galentine’s Day

I’m not one to turn down the flowers, the chocolates, and the romance of February 14th. But I’m extra excited this year to celebrate all my closest gal pals on February 13th, or Galentine’s Day. Thank you, Leslie Knope, for creating this amazing and necessary holiday where we love on those that are there for us through thick and thin.

Need a valentine? Want a valentine? Why not just celebrate your friends? Of course, we got you covered with the best gifts for your besties.

Delta Girl Frames: Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Show your ladies you believe in their dreams by gifting them our Reclaimed Slim Barnwood Frame to show off their vision board care of Persnickety Prints. Reclaimed Slim Barnwood Frame, Delta Girl Frames, $22-50
  2. A purse that she can take from work, to the pick-up/drop-off line, to the pool. And it’s easy to care for? Sold. We can’t be the only ones that love a multi-purpose tote and this one fits the bill with it’s boho design. Tayamo Tall- Spain, Maria Victoria, $49.75
  3. A gift guide without a Magnolia moment really isn’t a gift guide. We’re loving this mug for your gal pal to enjoy her morning coffee, an afternoon tea, or (honestly) when her wine glasses are in the dishwasher. Ha. Hand Thrown Magnolia Valentine’s Mug, Magnolia, $22
  4. If you aren’t following The Home Edit on Instagram, are you even really living? Between the Clea and Joanna ‘Surviving Not Thriving’ moments and the organizing amazingness, you need it in your life. Pick up The Home Edit book (complete with fridge labels) for you and your bestie. It’ll spark joy- we promise. The Home Edit, $14.99
  5. Do you remember how you would make threaded friendship bracelets back in the day? Well, girl, it’s time to up your game. Check out these rad bracelets from Madewell. Friendship Chain Bracelet Set, Madewell, $22
  6. My bestie and I know our love language: plants. We seriously can’t drive by a garden center without stopping in. So, instead of flowers, gift something that she can pour love into all year round. Jazzy Jasmine, Farmgirl Flowers, $49
  7. Every woman needs a place to download from the day. Why not gift a journal that’ll also look pretty on her nightstand or her bookshelf? Fable Fabric Journal, Rifle Paper Co., $24
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The Best ? Gift for Everyone on Your List

Is anyone else exhausted already and the holiday season has barely begun? No? Only me? Ok- cool. Just checking. But seriously though- I feel like summer was yesterday and now I’m in charge of choosing THE BEST gift for everyone we’ve ever known. The pressure is there- it is that time of year after all.

However, I’m here to help. I’ve curated our absolute favorite finds for all the folks on your list. Got a picky hubs? Done. Kids wanting ALL the things, but not sure what they REALLY should have? Done. Random other kind folks that you definitely want to get a gift for, but not sure WHAT they’d really want? Done. And, of course, we left a little section to help you make your own list for yourself. I abide by the 2 gifts for them, 1 for me rule. #amiright?

Delta Girl 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Man in Your Life

Clockwise, from the top right:

  1. One of our latest frame set, the Blue Ridge Collection, is right up his ally. A little simple, a little rugged, a lot manly- Delta Girl Frames Blue Ridge Collection
  2. Don’t laugh at me. But I’ve got the serious HOTS for vests on men this year. Yep. I said it. So here’s a safe option that’ll keep him (and you) ? toasty- Patagonia Classic Synchilla Fleece Vest
  3. For a preppier fashion statement- Banana Republic Water-Resistant Layering Vest
  4. Move over, beer. Here comes a manly man’s drink- Macallan 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  5. And, of course, he needs the right glasses to enjoy the beverage- Glencairn Whisky Glass Set of 4
  6. SURE you can pretend he isn’t a big kid. But let’s be honest, it’d be super cool. And it’s a win-win as he’d be busy for a few days-  LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit
  7. Okay, you’ve all heard of overpriced Yeti. But have you heard of Hydro Flask? I love these even more – and actually really love this twist off lid – ensures less spills. Keeps the water or coffee even colder/hotter if that’s even possible. Makes a great stocking stuffer – and makes drinking water/coffee even more fun – Hydro Flask

Delta Girl 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Those Crazy Kiddos You Love So Much

Clockwise, from the top right:

  1. What’s better than a gift for them? A gift that also helps you organize and maintain sanity. Check and check. You now have a place for ALL of their artwork and accolades- Delta Girl Frames Classic White Wash Corkboard Frame
  2. So great and an awesome price point. Good for all ages- Melissa & Doug Puffy Reusable Sticker Pad Sets
  3. Sure their handwriting could use work – but what about some fun art supplies and THIS book? Help them ENJOY lettering – The Kids’ Book of Hand Lettering
  4. Sure, a digital camera would be smart. But let’s be honest, do I NEED more digital files on my computer? Nah. Let’s let her snap and get the instant reward with these – Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Fuji Camera
  5. Customer’s of ours wrote this book – and WOW. Give this to ALL the kiddos you know. And let’s teach them HOW to make this world a better place- The Giving Crusade
  6. I bought these to TEACH my kids counting – but they play with these ALL the time. Love them- Legato Counting / Sorting Bears
  7. A scooter. Enough said- Micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter
  8. Rainbow rope swing. Great for more than one kid – fun. And let’s be honest, we all wish we had one of these-  Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing

Delta Girl 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Your Boss, Your MIL, and Anyone Else on Your List


Clockwise, from the top right:

  1. What’s better than a custom gift? A custom gift that goes with anyone’s decor- Delta Girl Frames 6 Piece Easy Classic White Gallery Wall
  2. ANY of these candles. I PROMISE. You can’t go wrong. ALL smell good. ALL worth the price. A Home Goods candle ain’t got nothing on these beauties- Sydney Hale Co. Candles
  3. LOVE this cute little living tree. ✔️ Under $100. ✔️Packaged SO cute. ✔️And EVERYTHING you need- Terrain Little Living Tree
  4. And if you’re an over achiever, pair either of the above with these beauties for some real gift winning- Skeem Burn Brightly Match Bottle

Delta Girl 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Just. For. You.

Clockwise, from the top right:

  1. Some sparkle. Some shine. Some serious frame envy for you- Delta Girl Frames Sparkle & Shine Frame
  2. I fell in love with this brand last year. LOVE the everyday classic colors, great pigment, and just everything you need for a lil adult sparkle all in one- Lune & Aster Destination Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
  3. Have you ever just walked into a store and wanted to live there? I mean, you were honestly trying to figure out how to make it work. That’s how I felt when I first stepped into the Terrain store in Pennsylvania. Now you can emulate the space in your own home- Terrain: Ideas and Inspiration for Decorating the Home and Garden
  4. I already have this Drybar dryer (in buttercup yellow) – but I swear if I could somehow justify breaking the one I have for this AGH-MAZING glitter one – I’d TOTALLY do it. AND it comes with great travel sizes, hair ties, AND my fave brush! Done and done. – Dryer Glitter Gang Limited Edition Kit
  5. Since good hair is CLEARLY always a priority. I’m dying to give this a try. A hot brush. Sounds life changing. #addtocart Santa- Drybar Brush Crush
  6. Rifle Paper is LIFE. So why not throw this lil inspiration on your fave reading nook- Rifle Paper Co. There Are Always Flowers Pillow
  7. And because I’m clearly an inner 5 year old and love a good Pom Pom – these slippers seem SO necessary. Yay you- Toms Rose Cloud Pom Pom Women’s Ivy Slippers

Happy Shopping friends!!

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Nov 20 2018

Quick holiday gallery walls for the win!

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year. You know- the one where us Moms are running around like crazy trying to get ALL. THE. THINGS. DONE. Is it just me or do you also look for any shortcut to make the holidays even a bit easier? I want to spend time soaking up all the holiday joy with my kiddos, not trying to manage the holiday chaos. We’re aiming for a Southern Living-esque season.

When it comes to decorating, I like to add holiday cheer to my existing home decor. Not looking to reinvent the wheel. Of course, we try to make it easy on you as well with your Delta Girl Frames. Your year-round investment coupled with a few seasonal frames can easily elevate your wall to HO-HO-HO.

Simply take your gallery wall, swap out a few of your everyday frames for your holiday ones of the same size, and voila! You have a gallery wall full of all the cheer you could as for. Need a step by step example? We got you covered.


1- Meet our 6-piece Abby Collection, a beautiful neutral set that’s UBER timeless…

2- First remove the center 8×10 6″ Tribeca pattern frame.

3- Then replace with our 8×10 6″ Noel Blooms frame.

4- Finally, sit back and enjoy your hard work with a cup of whatever and a sugary treat.

BONUS: Swap out the two 5×7 4″ frames in the Abby collection with two 5×7 4″ Classy Antler frames as seen above. ?


What if you had a gorgeous gallery wall that you loved year round? But then you had the SAME exact frames in- wait for it- HOLIDAY patterns?! How about just switching them out without having to move a nail?! I know, I know- MIND. BLOWN. ?

While this is a holiday investment along with all of your other decor, it’s makes such an impact of your love for the season. Here’s an example of what we’re talking about:

1- You love your 6-piece Hopkins Collection. We get it. It’s gorgeous with all your family memories.

2- You remove each frame and exchange it with our 6-piece Noël Collection. Now your holiday memories get the same stellar treatment in their own frames. You’re welcome.

If you’re looking to see additional ideas for different holiday swap outs, comment below and we’ll highlight an example in a coming blogpost. We’re always here to help with your frame needs and suggestions.


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Nov 16 2018

Designing a Man Space Your Husband Will Love (Oh, and You, Too)

You have the kitchen, the family room, likely the living room, and the dining room. Heck- you probably even chose all the decor in your bedroom. One room that has a unique male presence in most decor? The Den, or study- whatever you call it in your home, can be a refuge for the man in your life. But how do you prevent it from quickly turning into a football-drenched, beer signage-hanging ‘man cave?’ Helping to create a space that is cozy and masculine while curating pieces that last a lifetime.

Delta Girl Frames Styling Guide: Finally, a Man Space You’ll Love, Too!

We’ve put together a few key pieces, with some of our newest Delta Girl Frames, that we think both you and your significant other will love. A room you’d be proud of showing off, instead of closing the door to guests when they come over. Ha.

  • The Leather Furniture: This can be classic or modern, completely up to your overall decor style. If you’re more classically inclined, we suggest a Chesterfield or English Roll Arm style. For the more modern home, keep the lines clean and the furniture low.


  • The Book Collection: Whether it’s a set you purchase online, novels you’ve collected over the years, or old books you’ve picked up at antique stores, this sets the tone for the rest of the room.


  • A Bold Rug: You have so many options with this one. A faux animal hide helps hone in on a hunting esthetic. A Persian or Oriental rug gives your room a world traveler look. Or a geometric rug can take your room in the modern direction. Of course, there’s always the clean option of a natural fiber rug.


  • The Wood Pieces: While you may not have wood paneled walls like old English estates, you can still create that look by incorporating wood furniture. Look for side tables that are transitional and a desk fit for a king.


  • A few Outdoor Elements: Keep it simple with these, as they are meant to be accents in your room. A few plants, some antique sports memorabilia, landscape artwork. You get where we’re going with this.





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Oct 26 2018

How to Successfully Mix Picture Frames in A Gallery Wall

We love our frames. The ones we own. The ones we make for our customers. The ones we gift to family and friends. It’s no secret our frames are something special.

But what if I were to tell you that- gasp- we own frames from other stores and makers. The horror! Ha. You may wonder, ponder, and ask why when we have access to some of the most gorgeous frames. The truth is that we didn’t always have walls filled with Delta Girl. We had walls filled with frames from Pottery Barn, Home Goods, and small businesses like ours. And while you may think it easy to take said frames and replace with our Delta Girl gorgeousness, it isn’t. Time gets in the way. Priorities take precedent. And, to be honest, some of them we still just love. They hold a special place in our heart and we aren’t ready to let them go.

So what to do when you’ve got a hodge podge of frames? Mix ’em up. We’ve come to love an eclectic and organic mixture of things we love in our home. And I know we aren’t alone. Some of our amazing customers have done the same. Therefore, I give you our favorites hybrids.

Mix Frames with Delta Girl Or What We Call ‘The Remix’

1- Here’s an example in our own home. Because if we can do it, you can too. You’ll see to the left all of my gorgeous photos from a trip to Greece in crisp white Pottery Barn frames. In an office space, though, you need to have some functionality. Just make sure it looks good- like our cork board insert in any of our frames. Hello, lovely.

2- A dear friend of ours created this adorable foyer moment featuring one of our frames, a tabletop frame from an unnamed source, and her 3 sons pairs on Hunter Boots. My inner prep just screams with joy at this photo. Fancy antler frame for the win. Additionally, who doesn’t love a chippy piece of gorgeous furniture?

3- How about the mix our Delta Girl Frames with not just off-the-rack frames but also custom artwork? It all works seamlessly here at our customers home. In fact, it’s all complimentary with a different sizes, shapes, and prints included. Wherever you can incorporate not just a mixture of frames, but also canvas options- do it.

4- Even though none of our frames are in the Rifle Paper Co. headquarters in Orlando – YET- a girl can dream they’d fit perfectly with this wall we oogled over during a recent visit. Doesn’t it appear as if these frames were collected over time? That’s the best result from decorating by mixing- imperfect perfection that conveys intention without being stuffy.

Frames unknown BUT awesome; ? by @deltagirlframes

Bringing it all together…literally.

While we love our purely DGF gallery walls, there is something to be said about mixing it up. Variety can boost creativity. It can give a sense of your stories. It can bring life to your memories. Bringing an organic feel into your home and decor takes time. In essence, you need to have patience as your style forms over time. So even though you may crave all of the same, sometimes different is better. In life and in frames.

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Oct 16 2018

HOW TO: Create a White Frame Gallery Wall

We’re firm believers that more is more. Fashion, decor, coffee- with all the things. But what if there are moments in your life more ISN’T actually more? What if the absence of color- white – is actually more?!? (Too Aristotle on you first thing in the morning? Sorry ’bout that. Just get yourself another cup of ☕️. )

One of our favorite books of the past year was Emily Ley’s A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living. The overall theme is paring down so your life gets a bit simpler and, therefore, easier for you to manage all the things. Amen, amiright?! Seriously- cannot recommend this book more. Emily’s point about having too many cooking utensils was a LIFE CHANGER in our kitchen. You’ll have to read it to know what we’re talking about. ?

Examples of Delta Girl White Frame Galleries

In the right space, this theory can be translated to your wall decor, too. Don’t get us wrong- we’re still gaga for our washes, patterns, and different color ways. Sometimes, though, your eye needs a break. Or your focus needs to be on the pictures themselves. This is when we recommend classic white frames to simplify your decor. Here are a few examples of how the effortless white frames can elevate your space:

white frame gallery

Water art by @brynnwcasey.art; ? by @jlsimonds

As shown above, you’re still able to customize in different ways. Wash or solid? The same trim or varying ones? White trim or a pop of color? Also, don’t forget about metallic trims. And a collection of white frames in different sizes, orientations- way to make a simple statement.

White frames add the exact right backdrop for your special moments. They don’t take away from your wall. White frames actually add a bit of calmness to the room, while still showing your style. Isn’t that sometimes what you need? Space to reflect on all the happiness you’ve experienced. A place to soak in all the love in your life. And somewhere to make your own. In other words, a white frame is not boring. It’s actually quite the opposite- truly interesting, exciting, and fresh all at the same time. In a word, simplified.


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Frame Talk: What Does “Overall Size” Mean?

Frame Talk: What Does "Overall Size" Mean? | Delta Girl Frames

You love our frames? Check.

You know just the spot (or a billion spots) for our pieces? Check.

And you’ve got something cute to put into the frames? Check.

But now you’re trying to figure out what the HECK are we talking about when we list the size and ‘overall size’ of our frames.

Oh friends, let me help break it down one glorious nerdy detail at a time.

Delta Girl Frames are made of either 4″ or 6″ solid high quality pine. Our beautiful wood we have milled just for us – no Home Depot trips here – just smooth, perfect(ish), quality grade Pine.

Our frames are made from two different widths of wood. This means that while we make a frame based on the inner dimensions (translation: I want a 5×7 frame), the OVERALL size of the frame itself will be 12×14″ for a 4″ frame, or 16×18″ for our wider 6″ frames.

Same framable inner size (5×7), but two different overall options based on the width of frame you select – either our 4″ or our 6.”

So naturally, the next question then is, “how do I decide?”

Easy. Just answer two quick questions:

1. What does your space allow for?

Can you go bigger, or are you trying to fit a narrower space?

2. What pattern or overall look are you in love with?

Love a big bold pattern or that chunky big frame with a big pop of color? Then you’ll want the larger 6″ frame. Easiest way to understand it is to remember the the smaller the width of frame (4″), the less of the overall pattern/color you’ll see.

Granted a 4″ frame looks great in most of our patterns – but there are a few (Sevilla, honeycomb, wide stripes, henna, and mod floral just to name a few), that look best in our larger 6″ width.

Either way? We’re here to help! You can always send us a question via email at: info@deltagirlframes.com. Or DM us over on Instagram: @deltagirlframes.

Want to check out our size chart for yourself so you can plan out your next treat? Check out the full details HERE. 

No matter what size, what shape, or what question – we’re here and would love to make something beautiful for you!

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How To Get Your Photos Off Your Camera And On Your Walls

How To Get Your Photos Off Your Camera And On Your Walls | Delta Girl Frames

One of our MOST asked photography questions goes something like this:

“I have to order prints. Help!”

Its such a simple concept but leaves so many people absolutely stuck and overwhelmed when it’s time to get their photos off their camera. We’ve enlisted the help of one of our partnering professional photographers (Jen Daniels) to take some of the guess work out of it for you. Here are the tips from the pro!

1. Go beyond digital.

Go ahead and wrap your brain around the concept that the digital images your photographer sends you are NOT a final product.

Lets all say that out loud friends.  Digital. Images. Are. Not. The. Final. Product. Get your images off your computers, phones and get them on your WALLS! They are only images you enjoy when they sit on your hard drives.

Let everyone enjoy them. Share the love! Print pictures, make albums, invest in that canvas….you won’t be sorry!

2. If its going on your wall, print it through your professional photographers lab.

Pro lab prints are not available to you unless you are professional photographer but you will NOT be sorry at the investment. Not all printers are created equal. Theres a time and place for quick and easy prints (I’m looking at you Walmart, Target and services such as Snapfish, Shutterfly and Free Prints.)

But if its going on your walls, it needs to be pro quality. First, the color calibration is more accurate at the labs. Need some proof? Check out the color tones that are cast on cheap printers:

How To Get Your Photos Off Your Camera And On Your Walls | Delta Girl Frames

Secondly, the pro labs use archival paper. This means it will stand up to light, both sun and artificial, finger prints, dust, and just daily life. Colors won’t fade. Kids touching prints won’t ruin them.

You don’t even need glass in your frames. The images are actually more stunning without them. This always throws our clients at first but theres a reason you don’t see glass in frames at museums, fine art galleries or any photo exhibition. Prints look better without the glare of glass over them.

Pro lab quality prints afford you the opportunity to have this quality of print. There are also a ton of finishes available with pro labs should you choose to get a little more artsy. We’ll get into some of those in another blog post, but just know that pro labs are absolutely worth the extra few dollars for their prints!

 3. Order your frames first.

The easiest way to order prints is to order your frames first! Order your frames, lay out the gallery the way it looks and fits best on your wall then go back to your gallery      and find your favorite images based on what you’re working with. This takes the guess work out of “I don’t know what size to get.” Yes, you do! You need a vertical 8×10. Go forth and order one!

4. Our favorite labs.

What are our favorite labs? For pro labs, its hands down Miller’s. Their quality, finishes and production time can’t be touched. You’ll need to ask your photographer if he/she prints through them.

There are other amazing labs out there so if they don’t print with Miller’s be rest assured the prints will still be very high quality. Miller’s is just our personal favorite!  Other amazing NON-pro labs include Mpix and if you’re looking to do some super fun stuff with your prints, head over to Persnickety Prints!

If you don’t have a go-to photographer check out our list of partnering photographers – we work with some of the best that specialize in headshots, family photos, maternity and baby, weddings, and all the in-between moments. Got questions? Email us info(at)deltagirlframes(dot)com and we’re happy to help!

Bottom line-You don’t need to print ALL of your photos, but you DO need to print SOME of them.

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Sep 25 2018

Fall styling for your frames

Pumpkin spice lattes. Comfy sweaters. Cozy fireside nights. While we’re dreaming of all things fall, the workshop is currently surrounded by palm trees, pool days, and 100 degree weather. Whats a girl got to do to get a bit of the seasons in the sunshine state?!

Like many of you, I LIVE for decorating my house for the holidays. And I mean, ANY holiday.

Halloween- on point with the spookiness. Thanksgiving- pilgrims are basically living at my house. Christmas- pretty much a set from a Hallmark movie. But our recent transition to Florida has given me a bit of pause and got me thinking how to get inspired and motivated to bring the fall season to our new home. Obviously, a fall candle isn’t cutting it and my gorgeous fall wreaths are clearly not adequate either.

So from one designer’s house to yours, here are a few tips and tricks to get that FALL feeling without having to redecorate your house from scratch…

Delta Girl Frames Fall Styling Suggestions

1- Choose a few strategic frames and switch out the pictures with something more in line with the season. For fall, scan your Halloween pictures from years past or choose a photo that has nature as a backdrop. Because nothing screams autumn like outdoor photo shoots.

Fall Small Gallery Frame Set

Clockwise: 8×10 Dover White Wash, 5×7 Westchester Gray Wash, 5×7 Caviar Wash; Picture by @lorinordstrom

2- Style vignettes with your frames. We recently got tiny gourds and pumpkins, a preserved leaf wreath, and a cinnamon broomstick all from our local Trader Joes. Throw in your favorite Delta Girl Frame and you have the chicest entryway one could ask for. Some of our current faves are any of our Delta Girl washes – a lil more rustic and distressed than a solid color frame, our washes add a great color pop but with sub personality. They SCREAM fall – in the most casual way possible.

8×10 4 inch Agreeable Grey Wash with Dover White Large Dot Trim. ? by Rae Barnes Photo

3- If you have a gallery wall, switch out a few of the frames themselves with tones that evoke the season. We absolutely love a moody navy or gray to help elevate our frame-game to fall. Or choose a cheery red or bright green to bring some December delight. Besides that, a flash of gold or rose gold never hurts.

4- Incorporate seasonal pieces from other makers that highlight the time of year. Autumn evokes thoughts of abundance, harvest, change, and earthiness. Therefore no need to change out frames or photos, but add items to accentuate your current season.

Wall Art

Clockwise from top right: @olivewooddesigns, @qbhome, @qbhome

If you’re like our household and have a fall candle lit from September 1st-November 25th, you can without a doubt celebrate the season no matter what the weather outside is. So don’t mind me as I drink my caramel macchiato and bake an apple pie while my kids are playing in the pool. Because a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to get her FALL on. Happy Fall Y’all!

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